Alien Box Set

Now the whole glorious anthology of extra-terrestrial horror is available in ultra-high definition: Alien Blu-Ray has landed. I will never forget my first viewing of Alien, a re-release in a darkened cinema. The first sign of one of those nasties and my friend somehow levitated directly into the air and landed heavily on my lap! I couldn’t get her to move either, she was that petrified.

Looking at the special effects and inherent darkness of this anthology, it’s hard to believe that Alien, the first in the series, was first released in cinemas in 1979. Sigourney Weaver as the heroic Warrant Officer Ripley is the only character that survives all four movies on The Alien Blu-ray anthology collection; with the rest of the characters dying off in the first movie in astoundingly gruesome ways. The utterly terrifying Alien was played by an incredibly slim Bolaji Boledo, who at just over 7 foot tall was able to portray the movements of the creature in a convincing way. Ridley Scott directed the first film; and its stellar success led to 3 further sequels, each with a different director. The Alien Blu-ray collection includes Alien; Aliens (1986), directed by James Cameron; David Fincher’s Alien 3 (1992) and finally Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s contribution to the anthology, Alien Resurrection (1997).

The recurrent theme throughout all four movies is Ripley’s battle to defeat the aliens and save the world. Interestingly, in the original script, Sigourney Weaver’s character was going to be male, but for me this alternate casting was a stroke of genius. She is perfect in the role, with her hard exterior hiding an unexpected tenderness. I believe she made these movies her own, her physical and mental toughness easily carrying off the action-packed series of adventures.

In addition, this 6 disc Alien box set has over 60 hours of special features, including material that had not been released until the Alien Blu-ray edition. Prepare to be frightened out of your seat!



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