Die Hard Blu Ray

More rugged than Rambo? Check. Harder than hardcore? Definitely. Nigh invincible with more lives than a cat? Pretty much. John McClane blasts onto your screen with the mindblowing Die Hard blu ray box set.

The blu ray Quadrilogy box set includes all four Die Hard films starring Bruce Willis as John McClane, an ordinary New York cop in extraordinary circumstances. The first film is the most iconic of the box set and is an undeniably top action film complete with drama, humour and action. In addition, every great action film needs a great villain and Alan Rickman delivers a superb villain.

The second film, Die Hard 2: Die Harder shifts the action to Washington’s Dulles International Airport where terrorists take over the air traffic control system and it’s up to McClane to defeat them before the planes circling the airport overhead run out of fuel and crash. To heighten the tension, McClane’s wife Holly is in one of the planes (with Bonnie Bedelia reprising her role from the first Die Hard film).

In the third film Die Hard With A Vengeance McClane has separated from his wife, has been suspended from the police force and is not far off being an alcoholic. However when a terrorist (played by Jeremy Irons) demands McClane solve a series of puzzles or he will blow up parts of the city, McClane must get back on his feet to put the bad guy down. Willis is joined by Samuel L. Jackson as a shopkeeper who helps him with one of the tasks set by the terrorist.

The final film in the box set, Die Hard 4.0, sees McClane pitted against villain Thomas Gabriel (played by Timothy Olyphant) who is intent on unleashing a cyber-attack that will cripple the computer-based infrastructure of the U.S.

In high-definition Blu-ray you won’t miss a single piece of the flying debris as McClane blasts across your screen in the undeniably epic Die Hard blu ray Quadrilogy box set.



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