Harry Potter Blu Ray

This complete Harry Potter Blu Ray Box Set contains all 8 films on 11 DVDs.  Unlike the DVD version of the Harry Potter Boxset this set contains 3 extra discs packed with even more special features.

If you have the odd DVD of some of the Harry Potter films and want the full set, or HD versions on Blu-Ray, then this Blu Ray collection is a great set and at a good price too.  They’re likely to be watched again and again as Harry Potter is likely to remain a favourite for many years.  While they are shown from time to time on TV, this Blu-Ray Box set enables you to see them in superior high definition and includes lots of extras that you won’t see on TV.

Nobody would have expected that these films would become a phenomenon when the filming of the first book commenced.  It was certainly going to be extremely popular, but as Harry, Ron and Hermione were being cast as unknown child actors there was every reason to believe that it would just be a simple spin-off movie to a successful book that would be forgotten soon after.

However – far from it!  The Harry Potter films became as popular as J.K. Rowling’s books, if not more so, and the unknown child actors have now become household names all around the World. Each film appeared to be bigger, better, darker & more grown-up than the preceding film, mirroring the progression of the books as their intended readers grew up.

Sadly, for us fans of the series, the movies are now at an end.  Maybe one day some sequels or prequels will be filmed (given the financial success of these films it has to be a possibility) but until then we can still enjoy these films from beginning to end with this complete Harry Potter blu ray box set.



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