Big Bang Theory Box Set

The best thing about the Big Bang Theory is the characters, and the dynamic between them. The Big Bang Theory Box Set will remind you just how funny it really is right from the first episode.

The Big Bang DVD box set gives you the chance to watch all the episodes from season 1 through to season 4 as the eccentric, mildly insane Sheldon becomes more and more the driving force of the show. But the great thing is that doesn’t matter. His antics are always the main reason to watch the show, be it his general insanity, or to hear his catchphrase “Bazinga!” Leonard may not have any particular iconic character traits, but he is the one who keeps the whole group together. He is easiest to sympathise with; his struggles with romance and crazy friends strike home, and you find yourself following his story more than any other.

Penny started off in the series as nothing more than a standard love interest; the pretty girl with a small amount of lines. But as you watch each series on this Big Bang DVD box set, Penny gains more character, as she begins to fit into the weird group of ‘science nerds’, revealing her own personality more and more each episode. And finally: Howard and Raj. I put them together due to the fact they are rarely seen without each other. Howard provides some of the shows funniest one- liners, for instance the reply to Penny’s question: “So in your world, you guys are the cool guys?” he simply and hilariously replies; “Recognise.” Raj provides one of the series main running jokes: his inability to talk to females, any female at all. The joke may sound repetitive on paper, but it is handled perfectly on screen. Whenever the situation arises, it’s a guaranteed laugh from the audience.

The Big Bang Theory Box Set is a great way to collect this unique show. With its knowledgeable jokes about pop culture, the ridiculous but lovable characters and the iconic theme tune, you’ll want to watch every episode again and again.



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