Father Ted Box Set

Father Ted has gained a worldwide following and it’s not difficult to see why with its great characters, hilarious situations and clever dialogue. This Irish sitcom is available in the Father Ted box set, which includes all episodes of the show on DVD as well as some extra features.

The show’s writers Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan are Irish, as is most of the cast. The show is set in Craggy Island, a fictional island situated off the west coast of Ireland. The main characters are Father Ted Crilly (played by Dermot Morgan), Father Dougal McGuire (played by Ardal O’Hanlon), as well as Father Jack Hackett (played by Frank Kelly). The priests have been exiled to the island due to a range of reasons: Father Ted for supposed financial wrongdoing involving money ‘resting’ in his account and wrongfully using money to go to Las Vegas, Father Dougal is on the island due to the ‘Blackrock incident’ which is never fully explained and Father Jack is on the island due to his penchant for women and alcohol.

The priests live in the Parochial House and are looked after by Mrs. Doyle (played by Pauline McLynn) who is their housekeeper and is keen to serve them tea at any opportunity she can get. Father Dougal is not the brightest of the bunch (and in fact quite likely the daftest person on the island) but his sweet nature and almost child-like innocence make him extremely likeable. Father Ted is often to be seen getting himself into scrapes and attempting (not always successfully) to get himself out again, through the most unpriestly of means including lying and cheating. If Father Jack isn’t going for the drain cleaner, he’s going for the nearest woman and more likely than not emitting a string of expletives when he isn’t either sleeping or guzzling happily from a bottle of alcohol.

The show won the BAFTA for Best Comedy in 1995 and 1998. Morgan won the 1998 BAFTA for Best Comedy Performance and McLynn won the Top TV Comedy Actress award at the 1996 British Comedy Awards. The Father Ted box set is full of characters that you just can’t help liking despite (but more likely because of) their shortcomings.



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