Frozen Planet Box Set

The Frozen Planet Box Set, consisting of 3 DVDs, provides the chance to watch this superb BBC series in full. After the success of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, the incredible visual spectacular follows the same award-winning format, with Sir David Attenborough narrating.

In Frozen Planet, the landscapes and natural inhabitants revealed in their true glory are those of the Polar Regions, as the title suggests. The hostile environs of the Arctic and Antarctic are revealed with dramatic realism through the use of the most up-to-date film technology available. Even in the comfort of your own warm home watching all the wonders of The Frozen Planet DVDs, the way they are shot makes you feel as if you are actually there.

Travel beneath the water and the ice to see incredible sights never filmed before. The freezing conditions make these regions dramatic and powerful, nature at its most extreme. I was most struck by the unrelenting whiteness of the awe-inspiring scenery, with the type of beauty only seen elsewhere after freshly-fallen snow. The startling blue of the water, filled with incredible life, creates the perfect counterpoint. The Frozen Planet box set reveals a fascinating insight into the behaviour of polar animals such as penguins, killer whales and polar bears. I guess this could be termed educational viewing, yet it is all that and more. The Frozen Planet DVDs are also quite literally a work of art, deliciously described and enriched by Sir Attenborough’s soothing baritone.

Executive producer Alastair Fothergill and series producer Vanessa Berlowitz were inspired to capture the natural history of the Arctic and Antarctic to preserve for all time a documentation of the regions under threat of destruction. It is predicted that climate change will have a profoundly devastating effect on the incredible landscapes and habitat of both poles. The seventh part of The Frozen Planet box set focuses on this imminent threat.



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