Gavin and Stacey Box Set

What happens when East meets West? Hilarious chaos, that’s what! The Gavin and Stacey Box Set series 1-3 and the Christmas Special episode from 2008 are in DVD format. Written by and starring Ruth Jones and James Corden, this BBC sitcom follows the hapless title pair Gavin and Stacey, played by Matthew Horne and Joanna Page respectively. Gavin’s from Billericay in Essex, Stacey’s from Barry, Wales and they are ill-fated by more than just physical distance.

The Gavin and Stacey DVD box set manages to cover the difficulties of cultural differences in a highly comedic way. Not only do these two have to learn to adjust to rather different lifestyles, there’s also the matter of their rather strange families to overcome, as well as each having a best friend that would really prefer things to stay the way they’ve always been. Like all the best comedy, there are moments of poignant sadness and loss; and through a lot of laughter, the viewer begins to appreciate the underlying theme of how life really is.

It’s easy to see why this highly critically acclaimed sitcom won so many awards, and also captured popular imagination. In the Gavin and Stacey series 1-3 DVD box set, Nessa (Ruth Jones) is larger than life and very determined. Her catchphrase “What’s occurring?” was turned into a BBC Radio 1 game by DJ Scott Mills, with side-splitting effect. James Corden’s Smithy is big and brash, but he needs Gavin’s support more than he’s ever willing to let on. The show has a warmth and empathy that the creative pair appears to have in real-life too.

Watching The Gavin and Stacey box set will give you the chance to get to know these zany characters intimately; or if you’ve already seen the whole series on BBC, the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with much-beloved old friends.



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