Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Box Set

Get ready for your full dose of the most exciting and emotional season yet of the incredibly popular Greys Anatomy with the Greys Anatomy season 7 box set. This season of the hit TV show developed by Shonda Rhimes is full of enough tension and twists to give you heart palpitations as it focuses on the dramas and daily goings-on of the medical team who work at the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Season 7 sees the return of main cast members including Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd (a role for which he has received Golden Globe nominations), Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang (a role for which she has won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards), Kim Raver as Teddy Altman, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins.

Greys Anatomy Season 7 opens with the medical team being assessed for post-traumatic stress due to the shooting that occurred in season 6. Various ups and downs occur throughout the season, including Meredith having to tell Derek about her miscarriage that occurred in season 6, a competition between the attending surgeons for a grant, a surprising new job for one of the characters as well as jail time for another. The trials and tribulations of the characters’ personal lives play out against the every-day medical emergencies occurring at the hospital, including an incident that triggers memories and feelings from the season 6 shooting.

The box set includes 22 episodes spanning 6 discs and also includes additional music video content. The fact that Greys Anatomy is in its seventh season is a testament to the strong and engaging storylines of the series that are full of drama, warmth, fun and sadness and there is no doubt that the Greys Anatomy season 7 box set is sure to keep you well entertained.



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