Hustle – Series 1-7 Box Set

Another opportunity to see this incredibly brilliant tale of five hustlers, the Hustle Box Set consists of the entire BBC Series 1-7 on DVD. For those that have never seen this show before, the “hustle” is about playing a long game to part unsuspecting “marks” from their money, thematically similar to movies The Grifters and The Long Game.

Far more sophisticated than mere con-artists, the cast of Hustle are a highly organised and extremely creative group of hustlers, or grifters. In this action packed and exciting Hustle DVD box set, it is hard not to get attached to the team. Although legally what they are doing is stealing; in the main the people that lose out are generally ones that seem to deserve it. Robert Vaughn plays the role of Albert Stroller, responsible for drawing in the “victims” with his suave, debonair persuasiveness. Michael Stone (Adrian Lester) is the leader and Danny Blue, the inside man, is played by Marc Warren. Robert Glenister takes the part of the fixer- Ash Morgan; and the team is completed by Stacie Monroe, the lure, portrayed beautifully by actress Jaime Murray.

A huge international hit advertised with the tag-line “The con is on”; the Hustle DVD box set makes sleek, seductive and highly entertaining viewing. The first screening of the first episode was on BBC 1 in 2004 and achieved viewing figures of over 6.7 million. By series 7, these figures had climbed even higher to 7.2 million. One of the most watched episodes of all the series was Episode 2, Series 3. Look out for the scene shot in Trafalgar Square on the Hustle DVD box set; and you’ll quickly understand why!

This is intelligent, action-packed drama at its best, extremely watchable storylines, strongly drawn characters all packaged into one fantastic Hustle Box Set.



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