The Inbetweeners Box Set

The Inbetweeners box set includes series 1 to 3 of the hit TV show focusing on the lives of four friends as they make their way through sixth form whilst dealing with the daily trials and tribulations of hormonal boys.

Simon, Jay and Neil have been friends for quite a while. Simon is insecure and desperate to convert his friendship with long-time friend Carli into a fully fledged romantic relationship. Jay abounds with stories about his various sexual exploits which more often than not are not true. Neil does not have the quickest of minds and is often left to play catch-up in the thinking department but is cheerful and boasts the most sexual experience among his friends. Will enters their lives when he transfers from a private school as his mother can’t pay the tuition anymore due to being recently divorced. Will is the nerdy, prudish one of the group and on the receiving end of bully Mark Donovan’s attention. The group of friends are not what they refer to as ‘the freaks’ of the school but neither are they part of the cool set either, hence the title of the Inbetweeners.

The TV show has been nominated twice for the BAFTA ‘Best Situation Comedy’ and won the Audience Award. It won Best Sitcom at the British Comedy Awards in 2010 and in 2011 won an award for Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy at the British Comedy Awards.

With its focus on the everyday things that affect teenage boys (from how to get girls and booze to everything else in between), this DVD box set holds a broad appeal for what life really is like for a teenager. The combination of smart dialogue and hilarious situations that the friends find themselves in has earned the show a huge following of devoted fans and makes the Inbetweeners box set a gem of a British comedy.



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