The Only Way Is Essex Box Set

“Dramality” is a term coined by The Guardian to describe this series, which is now available on The Only Way is Essex Box Set, Series 1-3 on DVD. A mixture of drama and reality, or “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way” as the newspaper describes it, this highly popular series follows a group of people, mainly in their 20’s, living in Essex.

The main characters are all interwoven through the club central to this story; by love, hate or family relationships; and by past, present and concurrent relationships. The only way you’ll work out just exactly who’s who and how they’re connected is to watch the whole The Only Way is Essex DVD box set, or TOWIE, as the cool kids call it! The main characters are Mark; Arg; Jessica; Lauren; Kirk; Amy; Sam and Harry. They’re all interconnected one way or another, believe me! Joey Essex and Gemma are additions in Series 2. Expect tears, drama, glamour and people that are often so self-centred that they might cause you to yell at your TV. The show was filmed just a few days in advance of TV airing, and this method gives The Only Way Is Essex DVD collection the feel of a real documentary. You will feel like a fly on the wall, watching the characters play out their lives.

Although the series was heavily criticised by some as unfair stereotyping of people that live in Essex, it does give an alternative view into a society that you have perhaps never seen. If nothing else, this highly popular show is entertaining in the same way that many reality shows are- “car-crash” TV. You know when you don’t want to look, but HAVE to? I can promise you that once you start watching The Only Way is Essex Box Set, you will be hooked.



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